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Our subscription service has exponential benefits never seen before in the comic collection world. We offer the deepest discounts known to the comic industry. Signing up is as easy as visiting the store or a phone call. However we would like you to visit our shop so you can get a glimpse of the most established and well rounded comic book collection in the state of Virginia.


Rules for our Subscription Program:

1.  Absolutely no cost to signing up.
2.  No minimum book requirement, however there are serious benefits to larger pull lists.
3.  Books must be picked up on a regular basis, we ask that you visit the store once every two weeks to pick up your books.
4.  Customers can begin and end their titles at will, however if you do decide to choose the services of another store,

please let us know a few weeks ahead of time because books are ordered two months in advance.


An out-of-towner? Want to order books from us?

1.  Please email or call us with you comic book list.
2.  All of the discounts below will apply.
3.  We will ship weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly with a charge of $4.75 per shipment.
4.  A credit card will be kept on file and will be run one day before the books are shipped. A receipt will be included in the package.
5.  All books will come in a bag and board, and will be shipped to prevent damage.


Benefits of using Flashback Comics, rather than "the other guys"...

1.  15% Every new title
2.  15% Off of comic supplies
3.  15% Off of trade paper backs


With all this said, we do understand that everybody goes through hard times.  We at Flashback Comics understand the economy and life's
surprises. If bad things happen and you are unable to pay for your  for a month or so, Please DON'T PANIC! Let us know and we will make proper arrangements to hold your books until life straightens itself out for you. 
Without proper communication, we will terminate your subscription after six weeks of non-payment.

Flashback Comics Subscription

Services and Benefits

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